Schools and Shuls in South Bend

South Bend Hebrew Day School

The Day School provides excellent Jewish and secular education emphasizing critical thinking and problem solving while imparting the Jewish skills necessary for students to continue on to prominent Yeshiva and Bais Yaakov High schools. Voucher Program eligible for K-8.

Tuition Rates for 2017-18
PK3 - $4,650
PK4 - $4,850
K - $6,350
1-6 - $6,950
7-8 - $7,450

For more Information call 574-255-3351.

Yeshiva of South Bend

B"H our community is growing and the Yeshiva is restructuring. If you have any questions feel free to call the Yeshiva at 574-291-4239.

Bais Yaakov High School of Indiana

BYHSI offers a rigorous academic program in both the Judaic and general studies departments. Our students have the opportunity to earn numerous dual high school/college credits, and are welcomed by the finest seminaries in the US and Eretz Yisroel. This high caliber education is provided within a warm, supportive environment. The school boasts an annual musical production, Rosh Chodesh trips, chagigos, Mishmeres, Shabbatons, regional and national conventions, chesed programs and more. Tuition is only $5,500 per year. For more information, call (574) 257-0689.

Hebrew Orthodox Congregation

Hebrew Orthodox Congregation is the focal point of the Orthodox Jewish community of South Bend. Aside from a full schedule of minyanim, HOC is also a vibrant center of Torah learning. Our Bais Hamedrash has a full range of Shiurim and Chavrusah opportunities from early in the morning through late at night. There are Shiurim for women on Halacha and Hashkafa as well as a davening program for boys, Thursday night mishmar, Avos Ubanim and programming for kids throughout the year. The HOC Sisterhood coordinates the community's Chesed activities and HOC's Mikva serves the community as well. Call for more information at 574-291-4239 or Visit us at

Midwest Torah Center

M.T.C. is a Jewish Outreach and educational center for Jews of all ages and backgrounds. The Center has daily classes in Hashkafa, Halacha, Jewish History and more. MTC hosts monthly Shabbatonim, guest lecturers and NCSY. MTC has morning and evening services every weekday as well as full Shabbat and Holiday services. Call for more information at 574-234-9092 or Visit us at